Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabric


Polyester Dryer Fabric

Polyester dryer fabric is heat-set at exacting temperature and tension to give maximum operation stability. It is designed for use in solid/liquid separation, as well as sludge dewatering for vacuum and multi-roll belt presses. The unique spiral weave patterns offer rapid drainage and outstanding cake release.

Polyester mesh fabric refers generally to the polyester fabrics woven with polyester fiber in spiral and heddle for various industrial uses in producing of paper, corrugated paper, paper for train fare, filtration and separation in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, mine, metallurgy, machinery, airspace and other fields.

Polyester Dryer Screen Series Products

Polyester dryer screen mesh can be divided into three sheds and four sheds according to weaving patterns and it can be divided into one and half mesh, double layer mesh and flat dryer mesh according to varieties.It can be divided into inserting type, slotting type, slotting ring and spiral ring connecting types according to the different connecting types.Three-shed series one and half layer mesh is suitable for drying of paper under 70gram.Four-shed series double layer dryer screen is suitable for paper with a weight more than 70gram.4106 round thread screen and flat thread screen are suitable for thin papers with weight under 60gram.

Polyester Polyester Polyester

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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